Saturday, November 29, 2008

Girls and their Clubs

Tempting young girls to play golf has just gotten easier with the help of Lori'! Her junior girls' golf department could attract many a young girl looking for junior golf equipment. So why not entice your junior golfing girl with some brand new US Kids' Junior Girls 5 Piece Golf Set for the holidays this year?

This junior girls' golf set includes a colorful golf bag with matching cover, a Fairway Driver, 6 & 8 irons (UL 18 graphite shafts) , a pitching wedge and a putter. These junior girls' clubs are designed for beginner to intermediate players.

US Kids Golf is rated as the No. 1 brand in junior golf - Worldwide! U.S. Kids Golf is always at the forefront of innovation and design. The ULTRALIGHT clubs have lighter club heads and more flexible shafts than the TOUR SERIES. They are the perfect way to grow up in the game of junior girls' golf.

Proper fitting is key to improving performance for the young! After determining the girls' height, golf becomes easier with ULTRALIGHT clubs. Fitting is for every 6” of growth. Woods increase 4" in length for each size change and all other clubs increase 3" for each change. Club colors determine growth category (IE: ORANGE/TANGERINE 51" for height - 35" for driver length or GREEN/LIME 57" for height -39" for driver length). Club head weight increases as the player grows. UL–24 (24% lighter), UL–18 (18% lighter) and UL–12 (12% lighter models are all lighter than adult equipment). Grips increase in size for appropriate feel as hands continue to grow.

Make this purchase and take advantage of the promotional offer from US Kids Golf. Every "6th Club FREE" promotional offer is provided with the purchase of this set. Log in to U. S. Kids Golf,, to redeem your 6th Club Free!

Once you have acquired these junior girls' golf clubs, you'll want some fun head covers to match. Lori'sGolfShoppe offers a wide variety of junior girls' golf equipment from smiley faced tees and Barbie golf balls to animal designed head covers and fashionable girls' apparel. You'll find Lori's Golf Shoppe is geared to meet the needs of the junior girl golfer ... and even has great goodies for the adult shopper as well! Lori's is the place where all Golfing Gals ... young and old ... Gather!